If you're considering enrolling in this course, chances are you would love to have more time, more energy and to feel less stressed out. If time bandits and energy goblins are leaving you feeling overwhelmed, emotionally exhausted, and feeling stuck in life, this course is definitely for you. As a board certified psychiatrist, personal development coach and founder of Imara Health and Wellness, I've made it a personal mission to help busy people just like you learn how to manage stress, understand how to create balance between their personal and professional obligations and build a life that they enjoy. 

This course will guide you a through a process that will help you: 

  • Identify your energy zones
  • Pinpoint exactly how you are spending your time so that you can learn how to spot your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy leaks
  • Understand the roadblocks that are keeping you stuck in activities that suck your time and drain your energy
  • Create a plan of action to take back your time and reclaim your sanity

I know what you're probably thinking - I don't have time to take a course. Here's the deal, the course is broken down into 12 easy to follow learning sessions that are an average of about 10 minutes each. This means that investing less than 2 hours now can save you a lifetime of wasted time in the future. You may also be thinking that you've heard it all before when it comes to time management. Although you're probably aware of the concept of time management, I'm betting that you've never heard it presented quite like this before. Even if you have, it's probably a safe assumption that you haven't quite gotten around to actually implementing the strategies - if you had, you wouldn't be contemplating buying this course. Let's face it, you can learn all of the information in the world, but it means nothing without implementation. I'll teach you some easy strategies for putting your new found knowledge to work. 

What are you waiting for? Kick those time bandits to the curb and register today!  

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Your Journey Begins

    • Session 1 - Getting Here, Getting Present

  • 2

    Course Overview

    • Session 2 - The Road From Overwhelm to Overflow

    • Making the Most of Your Course

    • Action Workbook: Your Energy Action Guide. Download and print this workbook to help guide you on your journey. Follow along as you complete the course.

  • 3

    Activity Inventory

    • Session 3 - How Do You Spend Your Time?

    • Action Step: Map Your Activities

  • 4

    Energy Inventory

    • Session 4 - The Time-Energy Connection

    • Action Step: How Do You Fill Your Energy Bank?

  • 5

    Personal Reflection

    • Session 5 - Are You Spending Your Energy on What's Most Important?

    • Action Step: Identify Your Energy Patterns

  • 6

    Rethinking Time Management

    • Session 6, Part I: Building Up Your Energy Bank

    • Action Step: Rethinking Time Management

    • Session 6, Part II: Where Are Your Energy Leaks?

    • Action Step: Energy Audit

  • 7

    What Drains Your Energy?

    • Session 7 - Identifying Mental and Emotional Toxins

    • Action Step: Personal Inventory Part 1

  • 8

    Healing and Self-Care

    • Session 8 - Restoring Physical and Mental Energy

    • Session 8 - Restoring Spiritual and Emotional Energy

  • 9

    Taking Control

    • Session 9 - What Will You Do To Cross the Bridge To Overflow?

    • Action Step: Personal Inventory Part 2

  • 10

    Putting It All Together

    • Session 10 - Hello Overflow

  • 11

    Closing Meditation

    • Session 11 - Closing Meditation

  • 12

    Looking to the Future

    • Session 12 - Next Steps in Your Journey

About the instructor

Truth Seeker, Dreamer, Spirit in Evolution

Dr. Reba Peoples

Dr. Reba Peoples, M.D. is a board certified psychiatrist, OM community coach and founder of Imara Health and Wellness. Imara’s mission is to spread the gospel of radical self-care to empowered individuals and communities who are striving to become stewards of their own health and architects of their own destiny. As a holistic and functional psychiatrist, Dr. Peoples recognizes that each individual’s unique environment, life history, biochemistry, and genetics all factor into their experience of wellness. As a community coach and Orange Methodologist, Dr. Peoples recognizes that the wellness of the individual cannot truly exist outside of the wellness of the community and by extension, society as a whole. Imara’s aim is transformation of self and systems.